Wednesday, October 18, 2017

DCUO - Pedestal with Iceberg Lounge Gem

DCUO rocks. The dev team really listens to its players. The suggestion I made in Aug 27 last year for the large gem found at the end of the Iceberg Lounge solo to be made into a base item has been implemented.

I made this suggestion in the thread "Tell us what Base items you would like to see next!" in the Developer Section of the official forums. The base item "Pedestal with Iceberg Lounge Gem" is a rare drop from Isis, the base pet item which is currently purchasable from the Halloween Event 2017 vendor. Isis costs 100 Spooky Bites.

Anther suggestion which I've made, and was implemented, was: a request for an Orange Aura back in Nov 7 2014.

Way to go, DCUO!

Update (30-10-17):
Gem finally dropped for an alt after about 3-4 days of farming Isis for the gem. Bottom pic is a screenshot of it in my base.

Update (14-12-17):
Another gem dropped for the same alt (Snake Vargas) after about 6 weeks of farming Isis for the gem.

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