Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SOTA - Defeated the Undead Lord in the Ruins of Ravensmoor

I went exploring in the Ruins of Ravensmoor and took down the Undead Lord Ras'al'horag after a few tries. I was at Adventurer Level 90 and he was orange/brown to me. I found out the hard way that going toe-to-toe with him was a bad idea. He has a nasty knockdown which not only incapacitates you and hits for a ton, but also has other quite hard hitting melee attacks. The first attempt, I went in as full melee and got my ass handed to me. I lost about 130k XP due to XP decay at 12 GM-ed skills.

I tried out my archery deck on him with more success. Looking through my combat logs after several unsuccessful attempts, I realised that most of my damage on him came from bow auto-attacks. The best way to take him down would be to kite him using Disabling Shot and wear him down with auto-attack turned on. And sure enough, I took him down with my next try. Both times after I defeated him, I got the same loot in the chest behind his throne - a Dragonbone Throne, an Epic Leather Boots, and an Epic Leather Helm. Dammit, was hoping he'd drop the Skull Sword.

My equipped gear when I took him down: Founder's plate armor (ordinary plate armor) and ordinary Longbow.

Defeated the Undead Lord Ras'al'horag

Some loot in in the chest behind the throne.

Killed the Undead Lich Lord and sat on his throne

Sitting on my shiny new Dragonbone Throne
Just realised that this loading screen in the game is showing the Undead Lord on his throne!
Compare this with the 2 screenshots above.

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