Monday, April 3, 2017

DCUO - Ambush Bug Base Pal!

Just saw this on the official DUCO forums:

"BREAKING: Today, DCUO added the BEST COLLECTION EVER to the game. It took a lot of work, but we're so glad to reach this milestone with you!"

Well played DCUO, well played!

    40 Cakes
    So Many Exobits
    Crumpled Up Loot Plan
    Water powers Design Doc
    Dog-Eared DC Comics Presents #52 (
    Broken Brick from the 4th Wall
    Something You Didn't Ask For
    Animated Movie That's Better Than Live Action
    Miniature Robot Bugs
    Argh! Yle! Sock Lint!

Completing this April Fool's Day collection will grant you your very own Ambush Bug Base Pal!
These event Collection pieces will spawn on normal collection nodes in the regular Gotham and Metropolis city zones.

The Ambush Bug Base Pal is an animated base item which can be placed in your lair, and walks around and talks, something like the Teekl Totem and Emperor Penguin base pets.

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