Friday, March 18, 2016

DCUO - Chasing the Bomb feat!

I finally managed to get Chasing the Bomb feat (50-point feat) in the Flash Museum duo. Seriously, this feat is so easy for people with Super Speed.

I noticed that the main hassle is that for people with flight, whenever your character is stationary, and you want to move from point A to point B, there's a significant delay between the time when you press a movement key and the time when your character gets from point A to point B in game.

With flight, when you press a movement key to get from point A to point B, there's a short delay due to movement acceleration animation - your character leans towards your desired movement direction until his body is horizontal and starts moving faster towards the intended direction. When you stop pressing the movement key, there's a short deceleration animation before you actually stop moving - your character slows down and his body tilts upwards from the horizontal position.

With Super Speed however, its much faster to get from point A to point B simply because there's no movement acceleration or deceleration animation as there's no body-tilting animation to be done. So getting from point A to point B for a character with Super Speed is simply faster than for a character with flight.

My movement mode is flight, and on my previous attempts with a tank a couple of days earlier, I found that I was always one step too slow to disarm the bombs. Out of around 6 attempts, I only managed to disarm a maximum of 2 bombs. For today's attempts, I tried only 2 times and got the feat on my 2nd try. The difference was that today I was using Journeyman's Boots (a drop from the Vault) to give me temporary Super Speed.

This time round with the Super Speed boots, I got a league-mate to help me tank the adds and Green Arrow in a corner while I remained in dps mode and tried to stay out of combat as much as possible in order to focus on disarming the bombs.

Bombs spawn in this pattern: there will be 3 duds followed by 1 real bomb, 3 duds again followed by a real bomb and so on. The duds disappear instantly when you interact with them, while the real bombs take about a second to fully disarm. You have to go through 4 waves in order to disarm 4 real bombs, where each wave will spawn 3 duds followed by 1 real bomb. The bombs spawn only when Green Arrow's health is around 75% or so, that means you need to dps him down a bit to get the bombs to start spawning.

Today, on the first try, we wasted too much time waiting for the bombs to start spawning without realising that Green Arrow's health had to be down a certain percentage in order for the bombs to start spawning. I disarmed 4 live bombs with no problems before getting KO-ed.

On the 2nd try, I disarmed 4 live bombs again with no hassle and got the feat. If you don't have Journeyman's Boots, there is a soder recipe in Central City which allows you to make a soder that grants you Super Speed for 5 mins. It's called Bolt Sport Drink, and requires 1 Super-Speed Exobyte to make. You can farm the super-speed exobits in Central City or try to buy them off the broker.

Good luck in getting this feat!

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