Sunday, March 27, 2016

DCUO - 160 CR

I finally got my last piece of Quickstryke gear - the chest - from PBR early this morning. Scrimped up the last few remaining pieces of Spordium scraps from a few instance runs and then crafted the 143 ilevel mask, bought the two 134 ilevel rings and brought my CR up to 160.

I changed power from Gadgets to Ice as well. Its a pain doing the 1-2-3-4 rotation with Battle Display and Distract-EMP. Its even more painful doing the rotation with Stealth in my primary loadout. Who cares about high burst damage with 2 successive EMPs when you're starved of power when Battle Display is replaced by Stealth? Ice dps is so easy to master and has way more mobility than Gadgets.

I used the in-game Combat Parser to test single-target dps before I switched powers. At 159 CR with 11715 might, Gadgets 1-2-3-4 rotation with Battle Display and Distract-EMP (no Stealth) gave me an average of 21k dps whereas the standard Ice dps loadout gave me an average of 27k dps. This convinced me the switch was worthwhile.

I spent 12.6 million cash (ouch!) to fully mod my dps gear (including rings) and bring my Might up to 12921. This includes the might bonus from the Type A and B mods obtained by wearing 4-piece elite gear. I used Might 7 mods for my Head and Chest instead of yellow and purple mods because I don't need the bonus crit to weapon attack. I'm still lacking two Might 7.3 generator mods for my base to reach maximum possible might at 160 CR and 213 skill points.

I used the Combat Parser to check my Ice dps again at CR 160 and 12921 might. Average dps was 30k. An increase of 1206 might resulted in about 3k dps increase.

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