Monday, February 8, 2016

DCUO - Back in action

Finally got back into DUCO again after a long break mainly because Crossplay has just been implemented. Meaning US PC and US PS have merged servers. Now the game is alive and kicking again. Got my 188th Skill Point as well =)

15-02-16: Got my 191st Skill Point.

New goal in game: get the Lantern power armor style (called Energy Armor in-game)

DCUO Energy armor style drop locations:

Bombshell Paradox - Chest, Legs, Back and Waist.
Desecrated Cathredal - Hands, Feet and Head.
Unholy Matrimony - Shoulders.

For Elite versions
Desecrated Cathedral Elite - Chest, Legs, Back and Waist.
Unholy Matrimony Elite - Head, Hands, Feet and Shoulders.

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