Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March brief update

WoW - after many weeks of farming FL25 and ICC25H, I managed to get both Sulfuras and Icecrown Glacial Wall for my paladin, on the same night. GG. On another note, it is becoming mind-numbingly boring logging in just to do Garrison missions and farm gold. LFG raids are quickly over and done with. Nothing much to look forward to. DCUO - My toon in DCUO now looks like Professor Putricide with his new 5th Dimensional Hairstyle. Looking forward to the Munitions powerset in the near future. Star Citizen - Just saw the PAX East Star Citizen presentation by CR and I'm impressed with the new animations for the character models. Very much looking forward to seeing the Retaliator in my Hangar in AC 1.1 due to drop any day soon. PS: I can't wait for summer to come for multicrew ships to make their debut in Star Citizen.

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