Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

It was a good end to 2014. DCUO - managed to farm about 50 million cash during the Winter seasonal event (which ends on 4/5th Jan 2015), and get the long-desired Orange aura for my characters. WoW - farmed over 400k gold during the 1st month of the expansion thanks to my alts' garrisons and bought a Swift Spectral Tiger for 520k. As a bonus, today I managed to join a raid to down Varian Wrynn for the feat, "For the Horde" and got my Black War Bear after a 3-year wait. Starcraft 2 - got the 750 random team win portrait of the Archon. Hearthstone - managed to collect all the monthly card backs so far by getting to Rank 20 on the ladder each month.

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