Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SC2 - Jewel Rock Star

OMG, I finally managed to beat the Elite AI in StarJeweled. I saved 1000 energy and summoned 2 colossus. Then with the time they bought me, I summoned a third colossus. I summoned roaches and hydras to support. Whenever the AI summoned ultralisks, I used Warp Cell to counter them. Warp Cell is very cost effective when used against big targets like ultralisks and colossus. Don't waste your energy on psionic storm. I found it to be worthless as the energy could be better spent on summoning a colossus later on. Healing wave is pretty useful especially if you have multiple units to heal. It is always worth it to heal valuable units like the colossus. The key part is the starting phase where you build up momentum with your initial 1000 energy. The AI will catch up easily and outpace you in its energy accumulated, so you have to counter the marine spam with colossus. Once you get 3 colossus out, you've pretty much gained a solid foothold. Support them with hydralisks and save up some energy to counter enemy ultralisks and colossus with Warp Cell. Last but not least, if you get stuck with matching jewels, don't be afraid to reset the board by pressing Z. I had to reset the board 2 times in my match where I beat the Elite AI.

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