Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MWO - ShadowHawk SHD-2D2

Scored 782 damage in the SHD-2D2 today on River City, with 1 kill and 9 assists. My build was an XL300, 2 LLs, 4 SSRMs with 3tons ammo, MG, BAP for locking on to ECM lights, and Adv. Target Decay for maintaining missile lock. Also, I had 12 DHS. I had the mandatory 3 JJs for extra mobility. In another game, also on River City, I scored 604 damage, with 3 kills and 5 assists. The ShadowHawk excels in close quarters combat in built-up areas like River City, River City Night, Frozen City, Frozen City Night.

Today, while piloting my SHD-2H in Frozen City, I managed to single-handedly kill a Jagermech and another ShadowHawk by body-hugging them to death in the narrow tunnel near waypoint Theta. Downed the Jager first, then the Hawk. Scored 563 damage in that match. Felt great.

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