Monday, May 20, 2013

DCUO - My Lair - The Tech Pad

I've spent some time spiffing up my second base, a tech-themed lair, and here it is! The Tech Pad. Its another hotel located in Gotham, right across the street from North Burnley Nightclub. It features furniture from the recent Spring event and new base items released with DLC 7 such as the Green Luxury Chaiselounge (my favorite) and the Giant Quarter.

A couple of luxury chaiselounges to rest your weary legs.

A worn locker by the door keeps personal belongings secure.

Have a cuppa at our tiny coffee table.

Pot's O Gold bring good luck to guests.

Dine in luxury.

Pleased with our service? Please make a donation!

Grand piano to keep guests entertained.

Spacious area for socializing.

View of the first living room.

View of the second living room from the corridor.

View of the second living room.

East side of 2nd living room.

Private quarters for the well-to-do.

2nd living room.

More chaiselounges! They look great!

The Mainframe. High-tech coolness in a compact package.

The sparring area.

Listen in luxury to classical music.

King sized, comfy goodness.

The lounge. The perfect place for chilling out.

A flatscreen TV provides entertainment.

View of the basement. Plenty of greenery around.

More chaiselounges!

The Giant Quarter. You wouldn't want to know how much it weighs.

The dining area.

Enjoy tea drinking in an eastern setting.

Cook up a storm for guests on the culinary stove!
Bon Appetit!

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