Sunday, May 12, 2013

DCUO - Items from Promethium lockboxes to become tradable in next Game Update

Some interesting info on changes to lockbox items in the next Game Update, obtained from this link on the DCUO forums.

- Everything from lockboxes will be tradable.

- Base items (mammoth) and some New 52 styles will be added.

- There will be NO new rings/necks in the lockboxes

- New rings/necks are dropping from T5 content instead

- Current rings/necks will move to the vault

Essentially this means that lockbox rings and necks will no longer be account tradable, since all vault items are non-tradable. This means no more turbo-boosting your alts to high CRs using orange necks and rings obtained from your main's lockboxes. Also, only styles, auras, base items, and soders will be dropping from lockboxes. Time to hoard the new-52 styles and trade/sell them when the next Game Update hits!

Update (21-05-13)
Quoted from Mepps:
  • Everything in lockboxes after GU 26 will be tradeable, including auras, styles, and base items
  • The existing rings/necklaces currently in lockboxes will move into the Vault after GU 26, will not be tradeable, and no new rings or necklaces are being added at this time.
  • If you're considering saving any unopened lockboxes you get between now and GU26, you should know that...
    • The items inside lockboxes dropped before GU 26 will not change - you will still get rings/necks/sodas/etc. - no matter when you open them
    • However, the Marks will change - so you could get Marks of Reality if you wait to open until after GU 26 and have a high enough Combat Rating
  • Rings and necks will not be tradeable.
  • The shared-banking ability of rings and necks will not change.

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