Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DCUO - Game Update 25 - Punchline T4 PVP Set (Villain)

Went on to the Test server today to check out the Punchline T4 PVP set for villains. Looks damn nice! One thing that bothers me though, is that it is going to be annoyingly difficult to obtain. You now have to purchase a full set of T1 PVP gear before you can puchase the T2 PVP gear. You have to purchase a full set of T2 PVP gear before you can purchase the T3 PVP gear. You then have to purchase the full set of T3 PVP gear before you can purchase the T4 PVP gear. This means not only buying all the 8 body pieces (head, legs, chest, shoulders, belt, gloves, boots, back), but also includes weapon, face mask, necklace, 2 rings, trinket and utility belt. I predict many people will be spending a lot of replay badges to obtain this coming season's T4 PVP gear.

With Game Update 25, each PVP season will introduce five new levels of gear that are higher in PvP Combat Rating than the previous season. Aside from the entry level cash set, this will all be purchased with the same mark. So there's no more Tactic/Strategy separation earned in separate ways. So it will break down like this:

Tier 0: Cash - PvP CR 77 (Bloodbat / Archangel)
Tier 1: Valor - PvP CR 81 (Avatar Bombardier)
Tier 2: Valor - PvP CR 82 (Aeronaut)
Tier 3: Valor - PvP CR 83 (Logistics Officer)
Tier 4: Valor - PvP CR 84 (Punchline / Vengeance)

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