Thursday, April 25, 2013

DCUO - Finished Punchline set!

Woot, got my last Punchline piece this morning. Spent about $20 worth of replays from start to end. In the process of replaying 1v1 Lair Battles, I managed to get several CR 84 weapons (including the coveted MA weapon), a CR 84 mask, necklace, ring and trinket. This managed to pull my CR up so that I did not have to purchase the full T1/T2/T3 sets before I could buy the T4 set. Completing numerous arena missions on the way also helped me to save on replay badges. Some people reported spending up to $40 on replay badges to get full T4 PVP. Overall, the grind this time round for Punchline gear was much shorter than compared to the grind for Checkmate gear. I'm thankful to the devs for speeding up the process!

Below are my stats in full Punchline DPS gear, modded with precision and precision-hybrid mods in all slots, and outfitted with the T4 PVP trinket, utility belt, 2 rings, face-mask and necklace. As you can see, one can achieve almost 9k health with 26.3% damage reduction.

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