Thursday, February 21, 2013

DCUO - My Lair - Vault 13

Hardrock Hotel has moved from a dark Gothic theme to a bunker theme and has been renamed Vault 13 in memory of the nuclear Fallout on Old Earth. New amenities include an armory in the basement providing guns galore for trigger-happy fellow supervillains, nuclear warheads for the newly installed Superhero-Shredder MkII missile defense system above ground, and a couple of legacy WayneTech 300mm Anti-Personnel cannons. All provided at a nominal fee of $100 dollars when you book a bed for the night!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DCUO - My Base - Welcome to Hardrock Hotel!

This is my base, a Gothic themed apartment on Cobble St. just a stone's throw away from North Burnley Nightclub in Gotham City. Its called Hardrock Hotel. Plenty of people can check in and enjoy great food with great amenities. We have a variety of beds to suit your budget. From the tourist on a shoe-string budget to those with bigger wallets, we cater to all your needs! Please enjoy your stay.

"You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave" - Eagles, Hotel California.

View from the entrance.

New guests are welcome! We have a variety of beds to suit your budget.

Mini-theater for those looking for some big-screen entertainment.

Pay your respects to our late Chef. The great Luce Bree.

As you can see, our current Chef likes to live simply.
He keeps his dufflebag of money close by his side so that the last
thing he sees when he closes his eyes for the night is cold, hard cash.

A deluxe bed for those with the cash to spend.

Another deluxe bed. Our minimum fee per night is 300 dollars.
As you can see, the current guest has enough cash to stay for a few years.

View of the hallway from the living room.

View of the living room. Our current Chef takes pride in being an alumnus of Metropolis University.

Another view of the living room from the same location.
Our special dish is Premium Gotham Chilli Crab.

Fine dining with great ambience.

Our Chef likes to entertain our guests personally on the grand piano.

A well-stocked fridge keeps our guests happy.

You might want to try out our new WayneTech Electromatic Massage Chair MkIV,
specially designed to keep you alert and energized for a full day of touring in Gotham City.

Our multi-talented Chef is currently doing research into a super-solider formula.
This requires guests to immerse themselves in a nutrient bath after eating a special
diet of Yellow Crystal flakes mixed with Soder Cola. Participation is strictly voluntary.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the side-effects are few. And the benefits, many.
Guests can make use of this new experimental research at the Mod Dispenser at the Hotel Lobby.