Friday, January 11, 2013

DCUO - Full T4 PVP set at last

Finally completed my T4 PVP set a couple of days ago. Also managed to snag the 131 dps 1H from an 8-man Operations. Only thing I need to finish off my precision-based PVP suit is the Precise Tech Case, a precision utility belt with 4 wildcard slots from 4/8 man Operations. Here's a breakdown of my stats in full PVP gear modded with Precision IV in red slots.Got my 128th SP today too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pinky can I asked you a question what weapon did you start off with in the beginning of the game? (like one handed, staff, etc)

Pinky said...

I started off using Handblasters. It doesn't really matter which weapon you start off with. Pick one which you like using.