Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DCUO - Snowman form trinket

OMG! I just got the cool Snowman Form trinket from the vault today! Hohoho! It also drops from the holiday event as well as from challenges, duos, and alerts.

On the Snowman form action bar are 5 skills:
1. Cold Breath
2. Boogie Bomb Barrage
3. Ice Ball
4. Snowball Spin
5. Winter Time
Skills 1 and 3 can be clipped with your 2 tap hold attack. Have fun!

Edit (29/12/12): Got a Snowman trinket for my hero alt after resetting the T1 challenge (Mannheim's Chinese Theater) 16 times. Spent about 200 replay badges.

Showing some holiday cheer with the Snowman form!

Snowman form action bar

Snowman trinket stats

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