Sunday, December 30, 2012

SC2 - Zen Master Achievement Icons

Three achievement icons which I'll never have - because I just don't have the patience to grind for them. They look awesome though. Check them out!

From left to right:
Solo Zen Master - win 1000 1v1 league Quick Match games as each race option
Team Zen Master - win 1000 Team league Quick Match games as each race option
Competitive Zen Master - complete all the FFA achievements, the hardest of which is win 800 FFA games

Solo Zen Master
Team Zen Master
Competitive Zen Master

Friday, December 28, 2012

Star Citizen - Imperator

It wasn't hard to decide to go for an Imperator subscription. Looking very much forward to the monthly issues of Jump Point and the eventual discovery of my name in the Star Citizen universe =) Here's my sig to celebrate!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DCUO - Fruitcake trinket

Got the Fruitcake trinket from the vault today. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Merry Christmas folks!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

DCUO - Future Batman

A screenshot of Future Batman from DCUO's intro cinematic trailer. One of my favorite characters!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

SC2 - Diamondback Portrait Finally Unlocked!

Woot! Finally got my much coveted Diamondback portrait 2.5 long years after Starcraft 2's release. Feels good YEAH! Farmed 486 wins over 1099 games in 2v2 Bronze league like mad in order to get this achievement in time for 20/12/2012 hehehe. Played a whopping one third of my total career games this season too. I'll definitely remember 2012 Season 5 for this feat!

Reward for 1000 Team Terran wins

Finally, Diamondback portrait unlocked!

2012 Season 5 Snapshot - 20/12/2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DCUO - 25th Century Communicator

The 25th Century Communicator is a loyalty reward for legendary members! It can be claimed from your marketplace tab as long as you have an active legendary subscription as of 10th Dec 2012. This trinket gives a 5% health buff for 30 seconds and summons Servo, a cool security robot (who can attack your enemies) much like Booster Gold's sidekick, Skeets. The one thing I like most about Servo is his chatty one-liners. THANK YOU DC/SOE FOR THIS WONDERFUL PRESENT!

Servo, the security robot!

Servo as shown to scale

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DCUO - Snowman form trinket

OMG! I just got the cool Snowman Form trinket from the vault today! Hohoho! It also drops from the holiday event as well as from challenges, duos, and alerts.

On the Snowman form action bar are 5 skills:
1. Cold Breath
2. Boogie Bomb Barrage
3. Ice Ball
4. Snowball Spin
5. Winter Time
Skills 1 and 3 can be clipped with your 2 tap hold attack. Have fun!

Edit (29/12/12): Got a Snowman trinket for my hero alt after resetting the T1 challenge (Mannheim's Chinese Theater) 16 times. Spent about 200 replay badges.

Showing some holiday cheer with the Snowman form!

Snowman form action bar

Snowman trinket stats

One Lucky Post for Mankind!

Today's 12-12-12! Posting to celebrate this momentous occasion! Wheeeeeee!