Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Star Citizen

Those of you who played Wing Commander in the 1990s may remember Chris Roberts. He created Wing Commander and now he's back with a Kickstarter project called Star Citizen! Check out the Star Citizen Kickstarter webpage or Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen Project for more details!

I'm really excited about Star Citizen and have already pledged $30 on its Kickstarter page. I'm still deciding whether to upgrade my pledge to get the Freelancer or the Constellation.

"Man! I have lost the will to play most of my other games becuase I am looking forward to this one so much." - comment from one of the backers on the Star Citizen Kickstarter page.

Edit (03-11-12): Increased my pledge to $325. $250 for the Rear Admiral tier reward which comes with the RSI Constellation, $20 for modders' manual, $20 for Squadron 42 manual, $5 for hull skin, $15 for novella, and $15 for shipping.

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