Thursday, October 11, 2012

DCUO - Spooktacular Collections

Here's something to mull over for the October 16 Halloween Event just around the corner. Got this info from the DCUO testing feedback forums.

Spooktacular Collections

Grab Bag collection
1- Plastic Fangs (Doctor Psycho, T1 Challenge Mode: Meta Research Wing, Random boss drop)
2- Incognito Mustache (Harley Quinn, T1 Challenge Mode: Joker's Funhouse, Random boss drop)
3- Polystyrene Tombstone (Collection Marker)
4- Witch's Cauldron (Collection Marker)
5- Spider Webbing (Collection Marker)
6- Spider Ring (Collection Marker)
7- Spooky Sound FX Cassette (Collection Marker)
8- Wax Lips (Klarion, Event: The Midnight Masquerade, Random boss drop)

Reward: Spooky Zanni Mask (Face Style)

Spooky Zanni Mask

All Hallow's Eve collection
1- Smashed-In Pumpkin (T1 challenge-Faust, Random boss drop)
2- Stinky Paper Bag (Collection Marker)
3- Toilet Paper Roll (Collection Marker)
4- Carton of Eggs (Collection Marker)
5- Fake Bloody Hand (Felix Faust, T1 Challenge Mode: Mannheim's Chinese Theater, Random boss drop)

Reward: Winged Monarch Mask (Face Style)

Winged Monarch Mask


de dicto / de re said...

Hey. I finished the hallows peeve collection. How do I get the mask?

Pinky said...

It should arrive in your mail, just like other collection rewards.

de dicto / de re said...

ok,thanks. For icognito mask,where is it if you are villian?

de dicto / de re said...

meant icognito mustache. Where can I find it as a villian??

Pinky said...

The incognito mustache and other event items drop from any challenge/duo/alert. You can also farm the lower level instance bosses for them eg. Bane at Cape Carmine lighthouse.