Saturday, October 20, 2012

DCUO - SOE Live DCUO Panel

Here are some quick notes from the SOE Live DCUO Panel on upcoming content as taken by Rom101 on the DCUO PC forums.


Player Lairs
-Choose a floor can switch your plan to a different one, but that will change location.
-Can have more then 1 slots currently called "deeds".  You can have deeds in multiple places in Gotham and Metropolis.  You can even stack them all in the same slots.
-Lairs are bound to player, not account.  Deeds are player bound...but styles bought on marketplace will be account bound (currently the decission...things could change).
-Decorate your Lair (3 floorplans at launch...Industrial, Modern, Gothic)
--Free to play will get "Hide Out" at start...purchase to get to Lair
--Premium will be coming in marketplace coming after launch (including penthouse, sewer, etc)
--You have to choose location in city to start...will be a physical location in world to get into your lair.  Multiple people can have same spot, but won't share same lair.
--There will be very rare items to attain, but if you never get the drop, you can buy them on the broker (if posted)
--Will have a warp to feature with cooldown.

Decorate Lair
--Hundreds of prop styles that you can find "in the game"...not in marketplace at launch.  Will be tradable.
--Hybrid mode of attach points.  Click on points to bring up menu to bring up menu to show.
--Once you place enough items, you will unlock free placement mode to put things anywhere.
--There will be feats attached and rewards for gathering and placing a series of items.
--Placement restrictions have to do with pvp play in lairs

Access Amenities
--R&D Stations, mailboxes, bank access, amenities slots.
--These are attached to generators...the more powerful, the more amenities slots.
--Different floorplans will have themed generator styles (all technology magic or lantern themes at this time).
--There will be a currancy to pay for power for the generators, but will not be cash...not officially decided.

Lair Abilities
-- Upgrade your Mainframe (4 tracks)
--Some upgrades will allow you to have Allies & Followers (think sidekicks and minions)...terms aren't officially decided
---You can call in your ally to help you for a limited time...they also have progression
--Some upgrades will allow brother eye style to call in orbital strikes and supply drops (examples used)
---New style of research mode to help your build...will do various things including how your powers work.
---Level of research you are at determines what are available.
-Access new powers and abilties

Lair Duels
-1v1 battles in your lair or others
-Battle other Players
-Defend your lair
-Attach another lair
-Dramatic transitions
--Extended battles with several rounds..."best of" type of rounds...there will be cinegraphic cuts between rounds.
-Items/Lair will get trashed, but damage will be fixed after the end of the battle.
--No items pick-up and throw at first...just destroy
-You will queue up for Home Turf battle...random whether you get your lair or someone random if you are attacking or defending.
-This is the starter point for future Lair content.
--Future might include "defenses" but not in at lauch.

Home Turf Content
-Iconic Locations
--Arkham Asylum, Stryker's Island, Ace Chemicals, and Steelworks
--Stryker's is being redone with dailies being moved.
-2 Daily open-wide missions out of 20 possible
--Solo content, but open world
---Activity basically to tide you over while waiting for something else.
-2 Bounties in opposite faction's content area
-Interior Challenges
-There will be content between Steel and T.O. Morrow.
-Unlockable instance

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