Friday, October 19, 2012

DCUO - DLC6 Announced: Home Turf

Check out the official announcement on the DCUO website!

DLC 6 is called Home Turf and will introduce player housing in DCUO.
- Lairs will have a theme and a persistent entrance in Gotham City or Metropolis
- You can collect props (which are tradeable) while playing and use it to customize your Lair
- each Lair will have a Mainframe and a Generator. Mainframes provide passive abilities and active powers in combat to players which can be accessed via new trinkets. Generators provide access to facilities normally found in HQs and Safe Houses (I'm guessing: mail, repairs, vendors)
- Lair Battles: duel other players in their Lairs and have fun trashing their Lair to bits! This damage is temporary and will reset once the battle is over
- new solo daily missions inside/outside of Ace Chemicals, Stryker’s Island, Steelworks, and Arkham Asylum

DLC 6 - Home Turf. Coming out in early 2013

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