Friday, October 5, 2012

Cityville - Super Hood

Managed to complete my Super Hood levels 1 and 2. Now trying to finish level 3. Collecting chocolate is a huge pain in the butt. The Super Hood is a neighbourhood which stores other neighbourhoods. There are 3 levels to it and each level stores 1 neighbourhood. Does not store neighbourhoods like the Super Solar Neighbourhood (SSN), the Famous Mall, and the Energy Saver Plaza (ESP). I'm guessing this is because these types of neighbourhoods already have relaxed restrictions on what type of building they can contain - at least for the SSN and the ESP - and they don't want to make the Super Hood too OP.

Edit (06-10-2012): Woot, finished my Super Hood level 3 today. Big thanks to the help obtained on There's a bug though, can't staff the 3rd Block. This is a known issue as reported on the Zynga Cityville forum. Happy Chocolate Hunting pple!

Super Hood level 2

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Pamela Becker said...

I have yet to get one chocolate and I need 8 just to open the darned thing! From the sounds of it we will have to go through this entire process each time we need to upgrade it to store as many as three neighborhoods. The first victory with be bittersweet (pun intended, ya know chocolate) because it sounds like I save no space initially. i.e. it will only hold one neighborhood, so that's a bit redundant and a lot of work to hold something that already exists as a neighborhood. :/