Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Star Citizen

Those of you who played Wing Commander in the 1990s may remember Chris Roberts. He created Wing Commander and now he's back with a Kickstarter project called Star Citizen! Check out the Star Citizen Kickstarter webpage or Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen Project for more details!

I'm really excited about Star Citizen and have already pledged $30 on its Kickstarter page. I'm still deciding whether to upgrade my pledge to get the Freelancer or the Constellation.

"Man! I have lost the will to play most of my other games becuase I am looking forward to this one so much." - comment from one of the backers on the Star Citizen Kickstarter page.

Edit (03-11-12): Increased my pledge to $325. $250 for the Rear Admiral tier reward which comes with the RSI Constellation, $20 for modders' manual, $20 for Squadron 42 manual, $5 for hull skin, $15 for novella, and $15 for shipping.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DCUO - Lex Luthor coming to Legends PVP!

Lex Luthor is coming soon to Legends PVP! As stated in this post on the DCUO Facebook page.

Lex Luthor, Amon Sur, and Steel in a DCUO Legends match

Cityville - Gardens of Babylon

Finally completed my Gardens of Babylon. It gives +100% boost to goods harvested from crops for 3 min.
Edit (04-11-12): This is my most-used wonder to date. It easily gives more bang for my buck compared to The Noveau. IE. the returns are better simply because I value goods more than coins. Why? My money pit is a coin multiplier while I have no comparable goods multiplier in-game.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

DCUO - SOE Live DCUO Panel

Here are some quick notes from the SOE Live DCUO Panel on upcoming content as taken by Rom101 on the DCUO PC forums.


Player Lairs
-Choose a floor can switch your plan to a different one, but that will change location.
-Can have more then 1 slots currently called "deeds".  You can have deeds in multiple places in Gotham and Metropolis.  You can even stack them all in the same slots.
-Lairs are bound to player, not account.  Deeds are player bound...but styles bought on marketplace will be account bound (currently the decission...things could change).
-Decorate your Lair (3 floorplans at launch...Industrial, Modern, Gothic)
--Free to play will get "Hide Out" at start...purchase to get to Lair
--Premium will be coming in marketplace coming after launch (including penthouse, sewer, etc)
--You have to choose location in city to start...will be a physical location in world to get into your lair.  Multiple people can have same spot, but won't share same lair.
--There will be very rare items to attain, but if you never get the drop, you can buy them on the broker (if posted)
--Will have a warp to feature with cooldown.

Decorate Lair
--Hundreds of prop styles that you can find "in the game"...not in marketplace at launch.  Will be tradable.
--Hybrid mode of attach points.  Click on points to bring up menu to bring up menu to show.
--Once you place enough items, you will unlock free placement mode to put things anywhere.
--There will be feats attached and rewards for gathering and placing a series of items.
--Placement restrictions have to do with pvp play in lairs

Access Amenities
--R&D Stations, mailboxes, bank access, amenities slots.
--These are attached to generators...the more powerful, the more amenities slots.
--Different floorplans will have themed generator styles (all technology magic or lantern themes at this time).
--There will be a currancy to pay for power for the generators, but will not be cash...not officially decided.

Lair Abilities
-- Upgrade your Mainframe (4 tracks)
--Some upgrades will allow you to have Allies & Followers (think sidekicks and minions)...terms aren't officially decided
---You can call in your ally to help you for a limited time...they also have progression
--Some upgrades will allow brother eye style to call in orbital strikes and supply drops (examples used)
---New style of research mode to help your build...will do various things including how your powers work.
---Level of research you are at determines what are available.
-Access new powers and abilties

Lair Duels
-1v1 battles in your lair or others
-Battle other Players
-Defend your lair
-Attach another lair
-Dramatic transitions
--Extended battles with several rounds..."best of" type of rounds...there will be cinegraphic cuts between rounds.
-Items/Lair will get trashed, but damage will be fixed after the end of the battle.
--No items pick-up and throw at first...just destroy
-You will queue up for Home Turf battle...random whether you get your lair or someone random if you are attacking or defending.
-This is the starter point for future Lair content.
--Future might include "defenses" but not in at lauch.

Home Turf Content
-Iconic Locations
--Arkham Asylum, Stryker's Island, Ace Chemicals, and Steelworks
--Stryker's is being redone with dailies being moved.
-2 Daily open-wide missions out of 20 possible
--Solo content, but open world
---Activity basically to tide you over while waiting for something else.
-2 Bounties in opposite faction's content area
-Interior Challenges
-There will be content between Steel and T.O. Morrow.
-Unlockable instance

Friday, October 19, 2012

DCUO - DLC6 Announced: Home Turf

Check out the official announcement on the DCUO website!

DLC 6 is called Home Turf and will introduce player housing in DCUO.
- Lairs will have a theme and a persistent entrance in Gotham City or Metropolis
- You can collect props (which are tradeable) while playing and use it to customize your Lair
- each Lair will have a Mainframe and a Generator. Mainframes provide passive abilities and active powers in combat to players which can be accessed via new trinkets. Generators provide access to facilities normally found in HQs and Safe Houses (I'm guessing: mail, repairs, vendors)
- Lair Battles: duel other players in their Lairs and have fun trashing their Lair to bits! This damage is temporary and will reset once the battle is over
- new solo daily missions inside/outside of Ace Chemicals, Stryker’s Island, Steelworks, and Arkham Asylum

DLC 6 - Home Turf. Coming out in early 2013

DCUO - Character Select

DCUO Character Select screen with my 3 characters.Gadgets Controller, Nature Healer, Ice Tank.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DCUO - Spooktacular Collections

Here's something to mull over for the October 16 Halloween Event just around the corner. Got this info from the DCUO testing feedback forums.

Spooktacular Collections

Grab Bag collection
1- Plastic Fangs (Doctor Psycho, T1 Challenge Mode: Meta Research Wing, Random boss drop)
2- Incognito Mustache (Harley Quinn, T1 Challenge Mode: Joker's Funhouse, Random boss drop)
3- Polystyrene Tombstone (Collection Marker)
4- Witch's Cauldron (Collection Marker)
5- Spider Webbing (Collection Marker)
6- Spider Ring (Collection Marker)
7- Spooky Sound FX Cassette (Collection Marker)
8- Wax Lips (Klarion, Event: The Midnight Masquerade, Random boss drop)

Reward: Spooky Zanni Mask (Face Style)

Spooky Zanni Mask

All Hallow's Eve collection
1- Smashed-In Pumpkin (T1 challenge-Faust, Random boss drop)
2- Stinky Paper Bag (Collection Marker)
3- Toilet Paper Roll (Collection Marker)
4- Carton of Eggs (Collection Marker)
5- Fake Bloody Hand (Felix Faust, T1 Challenge Mode: Mannheim's Chinese Theater, Random boss drop)

Reward: Winged Monarch Mask (Face Style)

Winged Monarch Mask

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cityville - Super Hood

Managed to complete my Super Hood levels 1 and 2. Now trying to finish level 3. Collecting chocolate is a huge pain in the butt. The Super Hood is a neighbourhood which stores other neighbourhoods. There are 3 levels to it and each level stores 1 neighbourhood. Does not store neighbourhoods like the Super Solar Neighbourhood (SSN), the Famous Mall, and the Energy Saver Plaza (ESP). I'm guessing this is because these types of neighbourhoods already have relaxed restrictions on what type of building they can contain - at least for the SSN and the ESP - and they don't want to make the Super Hood too OP.

Edit (06-10-2012): Woot, finished my Super Hood level 3 today. Big thanks to the help obtained on There's a bug though, can't staff the 3rd Block. This is a known issue as reported on the Zynga Cityville forum. Happy Chocolate Hunting pple!

Super Hood level 2

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cityville - Giant Grizzly

Woot, finally finished my Mystery Animal collection and received a Giant Grizzly as a reward! This is a 2x2 decoration that gives +100% bonus to residences and businesses. Its shown here dancing at the base of the Cityville Birthday Cake =)

Cityville - Giant Oak Tree

Woot, finished growing my last Mystery Seedling and got my Giant Oak Tree as a reward! This is a 2x2 decoration that gives +100% bonus to residences and businesses. Its huge!! Its shown here beside an Eco Skyscraper for comparison.

Giant Oak Tree beside Eco Skyscraper

Cityville - Energy Saver Plaza

Finally completed my Energy Saver Plaza with the help of lots people playing on

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cityville - Famous Gold Businesses

Woot, completed my Famous Gold Businesses today! Rewarded with a cool building, 1 million coins, and 100 energy!! On a side note, also completed my 2nd Wonder, The Noveau.

Gold Gold Gold!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cityville - Treetop Mansion

Woot, got this baby today as a reward for completing the Gold collection of Famous Residences!

Living on the treetops

Monday, October 1, 2012

DCUO - Prime Katara

Got my Prime MA weapon, Prime Enforcer's Katara, today =)

SC2 - My current stats for 2012 Season 4

Haven't played SC2 in a while. The UI has changed a bit since Patch 1.5. Besides the current number of games played this season, the default player summary page also shows your highest career finish in 1v1 games and in team games.