Saturday, September 8, 2012

DCUO - Starter shield style now drops in Stryker's alert

Good news!. According to a post on the DCUO forums: "The Shined Brass starting shield style now drops in Stryker's! Just got it off the metahuman minibosses". Another poster said it drops as well in the Arkham Asylum alert. Time to go farming!

In case you're wondering "What's the big deal about the starting shield style?". I'll tell you why. The "Shined Brass" starting shield style not only looks like Captain America's shield,  round and with a circular pattern around the edge, but your emblem also displays on the shield's surface, which is a really neat touch. DCUO players have been clamoring for the feature to include their emblem on shields since shields was introduced to the game, now this is a reality with the Shined Brass style.

Furthermore, this shield style is now NOT restricted to only new characters who chose Shield as their starting weapon, as existing characters can now get the style from the Stryker's Penitentiary alert., which is going to make a lot of players very happy.

Edit: Woot, just got a controller shield with the Shined Brass style! Its called Regulator's Impenetrable Guard and dropped off the Rogues in Stryker's alert.

Edit 2: Tank version of the Shined Brass shield drops off Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum and Healer version drops off Amon Sur in Coast City.

Shined Brass style with no emblem
Shined Brass style with Bishop emblem

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