Saturday, September 8, 2012

DCUO - 8 Prime Weapons!

Got my prime hand blasters today! This brings the number of prime weapons I have to 8: 1H, 2H, rifle, bow, DW, staff, pistols, HB.


Anonymous said...

hello man, whats is your power and role for prime?

Pinky said...

Usually I run as Controller. I'm gadgets with 1244 vitalization. Have run as both dps and troller. Either way is fun =)

Anonymous said...

Dude you got to tell me the stats on the Martial Arts and the Hand Blasters

Lv: 30
Powers: Electric
Weapons: Hand Blasters, Martial Arts
Role: Mostly Healer but I can play as DPS


Pinky said...

You can refer to my earlier posts for the stats below.

Stats for Prime Controller weapon:

Stats for Prime DPS weapon:

Anonymous said...

Ever consider using a Twitter/ Facebook account to make yourself more popular. People would like to see your Gear in Dc Universe Online.

Ps: Whats your Stats

Pinky said...

I don't really make many updates nowadays for DCUO, been busy playing CityVille :D

In dps gear, I have 1876 might and 676 precision. I've 2 prec rings, 1 prec neck, and full T4 modded with prec/might IV.

O Estranho said...

Hi. Do you have images of the dual wield prime weapon? Been looking around the web for it, but no luck...