Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cityville - Ghost Town Trading Post

Got the Ghost Town Trading Post a couple of days ago. Looks quite cool, like an old wild-west type of building. Costs 90 US Passport Stamps and can be bought from the US Embassy.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cityville - Tesla Coil Wonder

Woot, completed my first Wonder, the Tesla Coil! It gives unlimited energy for 1 minute.

The Tesla Coil Wonder

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cityville - Famous Businesses

Finished my Famous Bronze Businesses today. They look really cool. Clockwise from top: Bronze Toy, Bronze Gadget, Bronze Sports, Bronze Fashion, and Bronze Gourmet. The big yellow roofed building is the Famous Mall which only houses Famous Businesses.

Very cool and unique-looking buildings

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cityville - Super Solar Neighbourhood

Woot, just completed my Super Solar Neighbourhood today. It can hold all building types except skyscrapers and community buildings. My long term goal is to put 15 Eco Skyscrapers (which ironically count as residential buildings, not skyscrapers) in it to create a super high, 120k population building occupying only a 5x5 area.

Potential for super high capacity in a 5x5 area

Cityville - Famous Residences

Woot, just completed my Bronze collection of Famous Residences. accelerated my acquisition of Golden Keys tremendously by allowing me to click on other players' Golden Key help posts. Diagonally from top left to bottom right are: Tree Stump Terrace, Tropical Treehouse, Hermit Hill, Parrot Bungalow, and Hammock Home.

Cityville - Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco Dancers form the bulk of my money pit. Each dancer is a 1x1 decoration that gives a bonus of +12%. You can get Flamenco Dancers  from the Spanish Embassy for 25 Spanish Passport Stamps or 12 City Cash each. Good value for money. In my money pit, I've got 77 Flamenco Dancers and 4 Running Tracks at the corners for a total bonus of +1298%. Extra bonus at the edges come from the Left Twix and Right Twix, and Beneful Dream Dog Park which have a radius of 4 squares instead of the usual 3 squares.

Money pit in my city with Dignitary's House in its center
Fullscreen view of my city

Monday, September 24, 2012

DCUO - DPS Utility Belt with 4 Wildcard slots

Just got a very nice might-based DPS Utility Belt with 4 wildcard slots from the T4 4-man Operation today. Its called Aggressor's Tech Canister. First 2 slots are useable, but 3rd and 4th slots need to be unlocked by spending Marks of Triumph. You need to spend 125 Marks of Triumph to unlock the 3rd wildcard slot and another 625 Marks to unlock the 4th wildcard slot. Bad news is that the Utility Belt wildcard slot unlocks are temporary and last only for 30 days. Good news is that once you unlock the 3rd slot for 1 Utility Belt, you unlock all the 3rd slots for all Utility Belts which you have. Same goes for the 4th slot. Slot unlocks are universal across all Utility Belts you own.

Edit (15-01-13): Just got the precision-based DPS Utility Belt, Precise Tech Case. Details here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cityville - Dignitary's House

Here's the real workhorse of my income,  the Dignitary's House! It has a rent value of 798 coins every 5 mins. If you think about it, 798 coins may not seem like much, but when you factor in the fact that it doesn't require goods, its a pretty cost effective income. In my decoration zone with +412% bonus, thats a whopping 4k coins every 5 mins. Mine's peanuts though. Other people have reached 10k coins with their decoration zones with the Dignitary's House.

A true gem of a residential building - Dignitary's House

Thursday, September 20, 2012

CItyville - Mega Nail Salon

Woot! Finally got my Mega Nail Salon! When fully upgraded, it gives one of the highest coins-to-goods ratio in the game.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cityville - Johnston Lofts

Woot, saved up 6.5 million coins to buy Johnston Lofts. Next target, reach level 85 and buy the cubic modular, the design of which is based off Moshe Safdie's world famous Habitat 67 in Montreal.

Johnston Lofts

Monday, September 10, 2012

DCUO - Hive Defender pieces now drop from weekly bonus boxes

According to a couple of posters on the DCUO forums, you can now get Hive Defender set pieces from weekly bonus boxes which you get on the first time you complete a challenge/duo/alert for the week. Oan Sciencells T2 alert drops the legs and the Star Labs T3 challenge drops the chest. Both from bonus boxes.

Full Hive Defender set

Saturday, September 8, 2012

DCUO - Iceshard Aegis

Woot, got this baby to drop off Booster Gold in the Hive duo. Now I finally have the Mechanized shield style! Tron shield look-alike!

DCUO - Starter shield style now drops in Stryker's alert

Good news!. According to a post on the DCUO forums: "The Shined Brass starting shield style now drops in Stryker's! Just got it off the metahuman minibosses". Another poster said it drops as well in the Arkham Asylum alert. Time to go farming!

In case you're wondering "What's the big deal about the starting shield style?". I'll tell you why. The "Shined Brass" starting shield style not only looks like Captain America's shield,  round and with a circular pattern around the edge, but your emblem also displays on the shield's surface, which is a really neat touch. DCUO players have been clamoring for the feature to include their emblem on shields since shields was introduced to the game, now this is a reality with the Shined Brass style.

Furthermore, this shield style is now NOT restricted to only new characters who chose Shield as their starting weapon, as existing characters can now get the style from the Stryker's Penitentiary alert., which is going to make a lot of players very happy.

Edit: Woot, just got a controller shield with the Shined Brass style! Its called Regulator's Impenetrable Guard and dropped off the Rogues in Stryker's alert.

Edit 2: Tank version of the Shined Brass shield drops off Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum and Healer version drops off Amon Sur in Coast City.

Shined Brass style with no emblem
Shined Brass style with Bishop emblem

DCUO - 8 Prime Weapons!

Got my prime hand blasters today! This brings the number of prime weapons I have to 8: 1H, 2H, rifle, bow, DW, staff, pistols, HB.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cityville - Eco Skyscraper

Woot, finally scrounged up 10 million coins to buy an Eco Skyscraper.

DCUO - 115 SP

Thanks to Game Update 18, got my 115th SP today =) Woohoo!

Edit (30-10-2012): Got my 120th SP!
Edit (01-01-2013): Got my 125th SP!
Edit (23-01-2013): Got my 130th SP!
Edit (25-02-2013): Got my 135th SP!
Edit (05-03-2013): Got my 140th SP!
Edit (14-03-2013): Got my 145th SP! 
Edit (24-03-2013): Got my 150th SP! 

Edit (23-04-2013): Got my 155th SP!
Edit (27-05-2013): Got my 160th SP!
Edit (08-08-2013): Got my 165th SP!
Edit (20-12-2013): Got my 170th SP!

Uninstalled WoW

Next time I see you will be when you go Free-to-Play. If there is a next time.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Infiltrator

Jazz the Infiltrator with his primary weapon, the Path Blaster.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Close ups

Here're some close-up shots of my favorite characters in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. First pic shows Perceptor, from the Havoc Multiplayer DLC. 2nd pic shows Optimus Prime in his G1 skin, with Striker head, cos his G1 head is modeled quite badly. 3rd, 4th and 5th pics show Megatron in his normal look, and with the Prime 100 heads respectively from slightly different angles.

Prime mode is unlocked after you level up all the four classes (Infiltrator, Destroyer, Titan, and Scientist) to level 25 (the max level) in multiplayer. Unlocking Prime mode resets all your class levels back to 0. After you reach level 25 in all 4 classes in Prime mode, you unlock the Prime 100 head pieces for multiplayer character creation.

I must confess, I've only played the first mission in single player mode. Most of the time I play multiplayer, cos I find it tons more fun than single player. Damn, multiplayer Team Deathmatch games are so fun. I've never experienced so much joy and excitement blowing things up as a giant robot. Woohoo!

Perceptor, from the Havoc Multiplayer DLC

Optimus Prime G1 skin with Striker head


Megatron with Prime 100 head, shot 1

Megatron with Prime 100 head, shot 2