Monday, August 6, 2012

LEGO Mech - Mad Cat MK IV

I'm in the process of getting the LEGO bricks to build this awesome Mad Cat MK IV Battlemech designed by Primus. You can check out his other LEGO mech designs on his website at


Benjamin J Brown Jr said...

If you could, send me the parts list and tell me how much it cost you. I'm thinking of building one for my son for his birthday in May.

Pinky said...

The parts cost me a pretty penny - around $400 USD. I managed to build all the separate sections but when I put them together, the mech was too heavy for its legs and the hip joints were very unstable. It can't stand without some kind of external support propping up the heavy centre torso. In the end, I gave up on assembling it into the final standing mech. The sections are still in my cupboard lol.