Sunday, July 8, 2012

DCUO - How to join a custom channel

Many new players in DCUO are unaware that they can join popular custom channels for forming groups. The custom channel for heroes is "LFG" and the custom channel for villains is "VLFG". LFG stands for Looking For Group. If you are trying to form a party for an alert or a raid, you will have more success advertising in these respective channels than just shouting in general chat in the Watchtower / Hall of Doom.

(A) How to join a custom channel (the "LFG" channel in this case)

1. Press "ESC"
2. Scroll horizontally to the right until you access "Chat Options"
3. Find the line that reads "Join/Create Custom Channel".
4. Enter "LFG" in the field
5. Click on the Join button beside it.
6. You should see the LFG channel appear at the bottom of the screen under the heading "Custom Channels"

Below is a screenshot showing the details.

(B) How to chat in a custom channel (the "VLFG" channel in this case)

1. Press Enter
2. Hold down the CTRL key and press either the UP or DOWN arrow key till you have selected the VLFG channel
3. Type in a message and hit enter to submit the message.
4. Below is a picture guide (click on the image to view the larger version).

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