Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DCUO - Gadgets PVE DPS loadout

MBEnclove gave me some advice on how to dps for Gadgets. Basically clip all damage powers, except Gauss Grenade, with defib.

Gadgets DPS loadout looks as follows:

1. Cyro-field
2. Intimidate
3. Defib
4. Gauss Grenade
5. Cyro-foam / Neo-venom / Neural Neutralizer
6. Vacuum Bubble

DPS rotation
Use 1-hander
1. Clip 2-tap-hold combo with Cyro-field, Intimidate, Defib in this order.
2. Clip 2-tap-hold combo with Gauss Grenade.
3. Cyro-field and Intimidate have the same cooldown, repeat step 1 when cooldown is up.
4. Fill in rotation with Cyro-foam / Neo-venom / Neural Neutralizer, clipped with Defib.
5. Goto step 1.

* Note:  This DPS rotation assumes sufficient power provided by controllers in your raid. If power is an issue, don't clip with defib.

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