Friday, April 13, 2012

DCUO - Controller or Healer?

I'm pretty bored with playing a Healer right now. Yes I know healers are the most OP class in the game with regards to PVP, but I rarely PVP nowadays and I'm really itching to play a Controller again. Gadgets specifically. I miss the multiple explosions of sticky bomb and the cool-blue electric shield sphere of neural neutralizer. Wonder what my combat rating will drop to when I respec. My villain healer now has 3 pieces of T3.5, 4 pieces of T3, and 1 piece of T2.5 (waist). I have no controller T3 pieces at all. The only things that I'll miss are my 2 legendary healer rings when I respec. Oh well. My 86 SP hero will probaby remain as nature heals, and my other 44 SP hero will remain as ice tank. Some of the cool controller-only styles I'm hoping to get are the Aerial Defender helm (from FOS2 Prime Assassin) and the Military Tech boots from normal duos. Aiming to save up enough Marks of Momentum to get a good pair of controller handblasters and enough T2.5 gear to bump up my CR to around 68. Then hope to get 1 or 2 pieces of T3 controller gear to get my CR up to 70 to do the Gates of Tartarus raid. Long term aim is to get a full suit of T3 controller gear, save up enough for a full suit of T3 tank gear, switch to Earth powerset, buy the T3 tank gear for the feat points, try out Earth powers for a while, maybe farm T1 content for the viking style pieces, and then switch back to Gadgets in the future.


Anonymous said...

If you do decide to switch back to gadgets, the T3 alert is a great place to get gear - it is higher in stats and level than the FOS T2.5 loot drops and can be done daily. You should have adequate controller gear in no time, and there is even a level 68 purple chest that can drop on the final boss. If you need a bit of gear to be ready for that, the T2 duos drop gear that T2 (level 56) so you can do those for a few days before hitting the T3 Alert.

For weapons, you can use one of the FFTL (DLC1) weapons until you grind out the MoMs. I suggest the purple 97.1 handblasters. A list of drop locations is here:


Pinky said...

Thanks for your advice Kroye! I have some t3 controller pieces which I scrounged from the T3 alert from greed rolls where nobody wanted the loot. So I won't be totally naked. haha