Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DCUO - Respec tokens are out!

Today the various respec tokens came out on the marketplace. You can respec power (1000 SC), movement type (1000 SC), personality (500 SC) and weapon.(500 SC). I changed from ice to nature. Having a ton of fun so far with the new and improved nature dps over ice dps.

The perks so far:
1. Impaling Thorns has no cast bar and only a short animation clip compared to Impaling Ice.
2. Very mobile dps. Fire-and-forget spells in the form of stacking DOTs (Vine Lash, Briar, Impaling Thorns) make it easy to cast and just do something else like roll, block, or fire your weapon while the DOTs tick away.
3. Awesome self buff in the form of Carnage. Increased weapon crit chance/damage, and a 115 precision boost. Its a great mini-dps trinket for a negligible (non-supercharge) power cost.
4. Great 50% dps boost spells in the form of Briar and Impaling Thorns.

Overall, Nature's a very well designed power-set. Why can't other power-sets be like this?


Anonymous said...

Still not in the ps3 market. Can't wait though need to change my movement mode

Anonymous said...

I hope a gender respec token becomes available as well...although, it doesn't seem too likely many ppl are suffering without it.