Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cooking is fun!

Last week I went to NTUC and bought myself some steak and lamb cutlets. Wanted to hone my culinary skills and see if I could cook decently. I bought $25 worth of lamb cutlets, 1 piece of striploin steak costing $4, and 2 pieces of ribeye steak costing about $5 each. Spent about $40 in total.

My recipe for the cooking the meat (passed down by Gu Jie and copied assiduously by KO): use Oregano, Thyme, and light soy sauce to marinate for about 1 hour, then cook in a non-stick pan coated with some corn oil over a moderate flame. Judge that the meat is cooked by its color and tenderness. If the meat appears brown outside but still  feels tender, it means that the meat inside is still raw and needs to be heated some more. If the pieces of meat are too thick, make some cuts into the meat to see the color of the meat inside in order to judge if its cooked.

The steak was easy to cook. The lamb cutlets were trickier. Even after I thought I had cooked it thoroughly, the cutlets showed some pink color when finally taken out to eat. Need to cook lamb cutlets to a very dark brown color in order to make sure the tendons between the bone and flesh are well cooked.

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