Thursday, April 21, 2011

DCUO - Level 30 and JLA Emblem

Finally hit level 30 on my ice hero on Death and Glory. Thought the JLA emblem was bugged and that I would miss it again this time. Was surprised that it arrived in the mail. The emblem looks damn cool! Hexagon shape with the letters J and L in the center. Was quite a quick grind to 30. Ran out of missions to do at half a bar to 30, so formed a pug which took out all the bounties in 1 evening. Collected quite a good number of weapon styles in the process. Some nice styles picked up were 1H: Heavy War Hammer, Hand Blaster: Tempest Gauntlets, 2H: Baseball Bat, Atom Smasher and Heavy War Hammer, Martial Arts: Tech Katana.

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