Monday, December 26, 2011

DCUO - Completed Avatar Bombardier style

Finally completed the Avatar Bombardier style today. Also managed to hit 81 skill points. Woot!

Friday, December 23, 2011

DCUO - Holiday Elf costume style

Finally managed to complete the Holiday Elf style today! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DCUO - Respec tokens are out!

Today the various respec tokens came out on the marketplace. You can respec power (1000 SC), movement type (1000 SC), personality (500 SC) and weapon.(500 SC). I changed from ice to nature. Having a ton of fun so far with the new and improved nature dps over ice dps.

The perks so far:
1. Impaling Thorns has no cast bar and only a short animation clip compared to Impaling Ice.
2. Very mobile dps. Fire-and-forget spells in the form of stacking DOTs (Vine Lash, Briar, Impaling Thorns) make it easy to cast and just do something else like roll, block, or fire your weapon while the DOTs tick away.
3. Awesome self buff in the form of Carnage. Increased weapon crit chance/damage, and a 115 precision boost. Its a great mini-dps trinket for a negligible (non-supercharge) power cost.
4. Great 50% dps boost spells in the form of Briar and Impaling Thorns.

Overall, Nature's a very well designed power-set. Why can't other power-sets be like this?

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator

Here's a very nice site for those of you who have trouble coming up with super hero concepts (name, power, weapon) for role-playing =)

Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator

Friday, December 9, 2011

DCUO - 73 skill points

Worked my way up to 73 skill points over the past several days. Now I can finally take all the dps passives available in the weapons skill tree. The background below shows the cosmic treadmill from DLC2: Lightning Strikes. Head is Crooked Top Hat from the marketplace. Chest and Feet styles are Sunstone Bulwark.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

DCUO - Robot Joker head

WOOT, after leveling a new tech mentored hero from 1-30 and running TO Morrow's hideout over 40 times, the Robot Joker head finally dropped for me! Each run took about 10 mins. So that works out to be almost 7 hours of straight farming.Got a Robot Batman head around my 20th run, so that works out to be about a 0.5% drop rate for each of these helms.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

DCUO - Kick Me!

Finally managed to get my hands on the Kick Me sign!

Monday, November 28, 2011

DCUO - Dueling v2

Managed to just barely beat Gyuri in a duel. He had 90 skill points as compared to my 64. He was in dps mode though, and was using a 103 dps pve brawling weapon. I was using a 113 dps pvp weapon (dual wield) and was in tank mode.

DCUO - OMAC Nanite Circuitry

Woot, finally got one of the two legendary trinkets from the vault today. The OMAC Nanite Circuitry trinket. I prefer the FOS1 (Enforcer's Badge of Retribution) trinket for arena though, for the burst it gives. It has better dps stats as well.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Atomic Blast

Hilarious post taken from the WoW general forums.

So I was at thanks giving dinner yesterday with my family and my uncle brought his Michigan #1 award winning apple cider.  He in fact brought several jugs and game me one to take home.  Upon drinking the cider I came to the realization that this was the nectar of the Gods and I could not stop drinking it.  1 hour later I had gone through a whole gallon of the most amazing apple cider that my taste buds have ever encountered.  I sat down to play WoW and nearly 15 minutes into playing, I felt a great rumble and with dread realized that a massive volcanic like explosion was about to take place.  I TRIED so hard to ignore it but it grew in intensity.  Finally I felt a ungodly pressure inside me and I sprinted to the bathroom hoping upon everything that is good and right that I would make it in time.  As I pulled off my breeches the greatest explosion of poo took place and it did go all over toilet, the walls, and the floor... alas, I was not quick enough.  As I finally sat down I felt another round coming and it did erupt so greatly that it went up between my legs and on my face and chest.  When it was over I smelled a smell so terrible that it made my eyes water.  As I quietly cried while cleaning up the mess, I thanked God that I made it through the ordeal only mentally damaged and not physically impaired for the rest of my life.

Moral of the story:  Go light on that Apple Cider, seriously.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

DCUO - Brainiac Neck

Just got the Headstrong choker from Brainiac in sub-construct today. Woot!

Monday, November 21, 2011

DCUO - Beginner's Guide to DC Universe Online

People ask these questions everyday since F2P went live. So I figured that I'd scrap something together to answer your very basic "Where Do I Go To Do This" questions.

Topics covered include:
- where to buy starter PVE/PVP gear
- where to buy PVP weapons
- map of areas of interest in the Watchtower (click on the thumbnails to see the larger image)
- location of Ring War PVP event
- location of Diamond heist PVP event
- how to get Influence and Marks of Triumph/Distinction/Krypton/Conquest/Legend

I recommend you to check out Things I wish I knew when I started playing DCUO if you haven't already done so.

If you need more information, you can check out the list of guides on the DCUO PC forums here:

The lost puppy's very basic guide to getting around the watchtower and buying starter pvp/pve armor - Updated 21/05/13

1. Where do I go to buy starter PVE armor?

As a fresh level 30 you should almost be at co-operative standing (1000 points of reputation) with StarLabs/Lexcorp or whatever your mentor's faction is. (Press N to see your faction standing) Do a couple of challenge (solo) missions and get to co-operative status with StarLabs (or your respective mentor's faction). Completing each challenge will give you 1 mark of triumph and a reputation token which you can use to get 125 reputation points with the respective faction. Collect some marks of triumph. Then buy the blue pve gear in meta wing. The vendor is to the right corner when you head south into meta wing from the hub. You only need 8 Marks of Triumph to get a full blue pve suit.

2. Where do I go to buy PVP weapons and armor?

PvP Gear Vendors:

To help clarify some confusion over our gear changes, below is a list that will hopefully assist in guiding you to the right vendor!

Vendors will update as your PvP combat rating updates. When only the starter cash gear is available to you, this is what these vendors will offer you – when you progress to the next level, then they will offer you the next set of gear and so on. If you are just starting out, the first set will be a cash-only set.

Upon reaching PvP CR 77, a new set of gear will be available for you to purchase with Marks of Valor from the same vendors. After advancing to a PvP combat rating of 82 – the new PvP tier 2, 3 and 4 level gear will be available to you at the Combined Tier Gear vendor listed below.

Heroes – HQ: Watchtower

The vendors in each wing offer the same gear as you progress.

Magic Wing
  • After entering the Magic wing from the central hub, take the right hallway that leads upstairs to find the 2 PvP vendors.
  • Aquaman – PvP Gear vendor
  • Requisitions-T01-HWMC – PvP Weapon vendor
Meta Wing
  • After entering the Meta wing from the central hub, take the right hallway that leads upstairs to find the 2 PvP vendors.
  • Hawkgirl – PvP Gear vendor
  • Requisitions -T01-HWMA – PvP Weapon vendor
Tech Wing
  • After entering the Tech wing from the central hub, take the left hallway that leads upstairs to find the 2 PvP vendors.
  • Robin – PvP Gear vendor
  • Requisitions-T01-HWTH -T01-HWMA – PvP Weapon vendor

Combined Tier Gear (T2-T4) – Hall of Heroes
  • The vendors that carry tiers 2 through 4 can be found in between the Meta and Magic wings of the Watchtower. This is the Hall of Heroes.
  • Requisitions-T234-HW – PvP Weapons Vendor
  • Requisitions-T234-HA – PvP Gear Vendor

Villains – HQ: Hall of Doom

Magic Wing
  • After entering the Magic wing from the Main wing, the 2 PvP vendors can be found below you two levels and on the right side.
  • Felix Faust – PvP Gear vendor
  • Requisitions-T01-VWMC – PvP Weapons Vendor
Meta Wing
  • After entering the Meta wing from the Main wing, the 2 PvP vendors can be found below you two levels and on the right side.
  • Ursa – PvP Gear vendor
  • Requisitions-T01-VWMA– PvP Weapons Vendor
Tech Wing
  • After entering the Tech wing from the Main wing, the 2 PvP vendors can be found below you two levels and on the right side.
  • Two-Face – PvP Gear vendor
  • Requisitions-T01-VWTH – PvP Weapons Vendor

Combined Tier Gear (T2-T4) – Power Core
  • The vendors that carry tiers 2 through 4 can be found in the Power Core of the Hall of Doom. This is the southernmost room in the Hall of Doom and is connected to the Meta wing.
  • Requisitions-T234-VW – PvP Weapons Vendor
  • Requisitions-T234-VA – PvP Gear vendor

3. PVP Rewards

PvP Match Rewards

Many changes were made to the way PvP rewards are earned in Game Update 25. Here's a quick overview of how things work now.

Marks of Valor

Replacing Marks of Tactics and Marks of Strategy are Marks of Valor, which are now the only Marks used to purchase PvP gear. For more information on PvP Vendors, please see this post.

Tiered Arena Rewards

When you begin PvPing in Arenas, you begin earning humble rewards. As you advance in PvP CR, you will earn greater and greater rewards. Here are the details:
  • PvP CR 80 or lower
    • 2 Marks of Valor per Daily win
    • 5 Marks of Valor per Weekly win
    • Bonus 50 Marks of Valor per Weekly win
  • PvP CR 81
    • 4 Marks of Valor per Daily win
    • 10 Marks of Valor per Weekly win
    • Bonus 50 Marks of Valor per Weekly win
  • PvP CR 82
    • 10 Marks of Valor per Daily win
    • 25 Marks of Valor per Weekly win
    • Bonus 50 Marks of Valor per Weekly win
  • PvP CR 83
    • 20 Marks of Valor per Daily win
    • 50 Marks of Valor per Weekly win
    • Bonus Item (Gear, Consumable, Missive, etc.) per Weekly win

Legends Rewards
Legends rewards remain consistent regardless of your PvP CR.
  • All PvP CR Levels
    • 2 Marks of Valor and 2 Marks of Legend per Daily win
    • 5 Marks of Legend per Weekly win

4. Map of areas of interest in the Watchtower
- respec area
- pvp vendors
- broker (Auction House)
- style vendors

5. Where is the location of the Ring War PVP event?
The Ring War pvp event starts periodically (every 15-30 min?) at the LexCorp Tower in downtown Metropolis. The ring war faction-specific vendor spawns for the winning faction of the ring war event. PVP weapons can be purchased at the Ring war vendor.

6. Where is the location of the Diamond Heist PVP event?
The diamond heist event is located south east of the Diamond District GCPD station in Gotham, next to One Gotham Center.

7. How to get Marks of Triumph/Legend

Marks of Triumph (MoT)
- used to purchase blue quality starter PVE gear from the vendors in each wing. Costs 1 mark per piece of gear.
- used to purchase purple quality Tier 1 PVE gear from the vendors in each wing. Costs 45-60 marks per piece of gear.
- you get Marks of Triumph from doing challenges, duos, alerts and raids.

Marks of Legend (MoL)
- used to purchase hero/villain legends characters to play with. Purchased at npc at the Reactor Room/Power Core
- you get Marks of Legend from doing Legends PVP (See Point 3 above)

DCUO - Dueling

Just beat Exington in a duel, another ice tank who had 75 skill points as compared to my 61. I was PVP dual wield though (113 dps in addition to ignoring 25% of my opponents toughness), and he had a 113 dps pve weapon in full T2 pvp gear, so I had a significant edge in dps. He was using a 1-handed weapon, which was fortunately predictable, and I managed to block his 4-tap combos successfully most of the time. Finally got the sector agent chest today from StarLabs, after a week or so of unsuccessful runs.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Light of Dawn!

Finally got the "Light of Dawn" title for my paladin! WOOOOOOOT!

Eye of Sulfuras!

Woot, my Warrior got the Eye of Sulfuras today from Ragnaros in Molten Core. Hammer time! Shown below is him wielding the resulting legendary weapon - Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Update (Wed, 17-04-13): Finally got the Eye for my Paladin as well. On my 64th Ragnaros kill - after more than a year of farming MC.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paladin Tier 2 - Judgement Armor

Got T2 legs last night, which completes the main look of Judgement Armor. Just missing belt and bracers now.
Edit: Just got belt today on 23rd Nov 2011. Hope to get the bracers soon!
Edit: Got Lightforge bracers to stand in for the moment. Looks ok =)
Edit: Finally got judgement bracers! (7th Dec 2011)

No bracers and cloak

No bracers and cloak. With Lok'amir il Romathis and Red Dragonscale Protector

With Lightforge bracers, cloak, and Cataclysm's Edge

With Judgement bracers and Cataclysm's Edge

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DCUO - Black and Yellow Color Superman style

Ice tank hero in meta T2 chest and back, Dresden 7 shoulders and belt, Antifreeze hands, meta T1 legs, Shielded Robot feet, Defiant Crusader head, and Crested Visor eyes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Warrior T2 with TF and Bulwark of Azzinoth

Took this at dawn. Golden color illuminating the surroundings.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Judge Malthred

Just took a couple of shots of my Judge Malthred action figure =) He's wearing paladin Tier 2 Judgement gear and is wielding Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

SC2 - Team Terran 500

Achieved 500 wins for playing Terran in a team! Also, completed the campaign on Brutal difficulty some time back =)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

DCUO Launcher startup parameters for browser

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DCUO LexCorp Salvation Chest

Here's a pic of my villain with the LexCorp Salvation chest and feet, Avatar Bombardier hands, and Brainiac back.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DCUO New sorcery villain

My sorcery villain hit 30 last night and I promptly did T.O. Morrow's Lab and Gotham Star Labs. Robot Joker head didn't drop, but I made a nice pile on the broker though. Sold 1 pair of Alan Scott's feet for 1.2 mil and another pair for 1.75 mil. Doing feats for skill points is boring. Its more exciting farming things to sell =) Got the Lion Tooth Juju (which transforms you into a beastiamorph) on my Ice hero from the vault too.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DCUO goodies!

Woot, finally bought the Brainiac Back from T30 for 1.2 million cash. Also managed to get a rename token for my villain from a GM. Got the Bayonetted Minigun style from the green drop 'Gotham Underground Rifle' which dropped off the last boss from the Metropolis duo. Also got the DPS bow, Domorian Hunter's Bow, from the Outer Batcave raid. Now I need 1 more MoD for T2 meta legs. Will be leveling a hero tech-mentored healer to farm for the robot joker head.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DCUO new Gadgets villain

Just hit 30 today on my new gadgets villain. Color style is Superman's red, blue, yellow. Costume is Hijacked Servitor (from Meta blue gear vendor) with Classic Tech Helm (from Briefing: Dying of the Light Part 1). Despite being a villain, he's the most awesome looking among all my characters so far. Had more fun leveling him than leveling my ice hero/villain. Not displayed here, but he has a cool weapon style called 'Intergang Rifle', obtained from the 'LR9000 Rifle' weapon reward from the final mission of the levels 6-9 Bane quests.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DCUO Avatar Bombardier Hands

Just got the hands style today. Woot!

Monday, August 8, 2011

DCUO Avatar Bombardier Back

Just got the PVP T2 Avatar Bombardier Back.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

DCUO Battlemech costume

My new D&G villain's look. Insipired by the Battlemaster mech.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Starcraft 2!!!

Starcraft 2 launched last year on July 27th 2010. Its been a year since then and it's still a blast to play! Check out Blizzard's SC2 birthday note at See you online! Here's Pinky #383 from the North American region signing out.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Green Lantern

Using the Green Lantern rebirth pic from Wikipedia as my iphone wallpaper =)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cooking is fun!

Last week I went to NTUC and bought myself some steak and lamb cutlets. Wanted to hone my culinary skills and see if I could cook decently. I bought $25 worth of lamb cutlets, 1 piece of striploin steak costing $4, and 2 pieces of ribeye steak costing about $5 each. Spent about $40 in total.

My recipe for the cooking the meat (passed down by Gu Jie and copied assiduously by KO): use Oregano, Thyme, and light soy sauce to marinate for about 1 hour, then cook in a non-stick pan coated with some corn oil over a moderate flame. Judge that the meat is cooked by its color and tenderness. If the meat appears brown outside but still  feels tender, it means that the meat inside is still raw and needs to be heated some more. If the pieces of meat are too thick, make some cuts into the meat to see the color of the meat inside in order to judge if its cooked.

The steak was easy to cook. The lamb cutlets were trickier. Even after I thought I had cooked it thoroughly, the cutlets showed some pink color when finally taken out to eat. Need to cook lamb cutlets to a very dark brown color in order to make sure the tendons between the bone and flesh are well cooked.

600 more wins to Diamondback!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SC2 Season 2 Snapshot

SC2 Season 2 snapshot below. 700 more terran team wins to reach Diamondback!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lego spaceships!

Nostalgia! Played with these bad boys when I was a child.
Star Fleet Voyager (
Galaxy Commander (

Star Fleet Voyager

Galaxy Commander

Sunday, April 24, 2011

IPhone App Dev

Woot! Finished Chapter 3:Handling Basic Interaction. Learnt how to add outlets and actions to an app. Command+Shift+3 == Take Screenshot and save it to file on desktop. Finished Chapter 4: More User Interface Fun. Brief recap:
Outlets - represent UI elements whose behaviour or attributes you want to query or change at runtime.
Actions - methods which are run when a UI event occurs.
1. Define outlets and actions in the header file (.h file).
2. Code actions in the implementation file (.m file).
3. Connect outlets to UI elements (eg labels) by dragging from the 'File's Owner' icon to the UI element, then selecting the relevant outlet (defined in Step 1) to be assigned.
4. Connect event of UI element to action by dragging from UI element's action in the Connection inspector to the 'File's Owner' icon, then selecting the relevant action.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

DCUO - Level 30 and JLA Emblem

Finally hit level 30 on my ice hero on Death and Glory. Thought the JLA emblem was bugged and that I would miss it again this time. Was surprised that it arrived in the mail. The emblem looks damn cool! Hexagon shape with the letters J and L in the center. Was quite a quick grind to 30. Ran out of missions to do at half a bar to 30, so formed a pug which took out all the bounties in 1 evening. Collected quite a good number of weapon styles in the process. Some nice styles picked up were 1H: Heavy War Hammer, Hand Blaster: Tempest Gauntlets, 2H: Baseball Bat, Atom Smasher and Heavy War Hammer, Martial Arts: Tech Katana.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CityVille - Police Station Level 6

Caught my 120th bandit today and upgraded my Police Station to Level 6. Also got the Tuxedo Rental building and the Bird Fountain. See if you can spot them in the screenshot below! Next goal: get the Mint and the Midtown Apartment building!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Updates

WoW: Got Bulwark of Azzinoth for warrior, woot. Now need full T2 to be truly awesome. CityVille: Broke the 1 million coins barrier. Half a bar more of XP to Glass Condos. Need a few missions more to get the mint. Got the Baseball Bouncy decoration from capturing Mommy & Clyde. DCUO: Got the Baseball bat style. Saw the Oan Disabler for sale on the D&G AH at a whopping 250k cash. Too bad I'm broke.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

CityVille - Beachfront Condo

Got the Beachfront Condo today. Its the yellow themed building on the far left of the screenshot below. Looks great beside the Waterfront Condo =) Also caught my 60th bandit and got my police station to level 5, woot!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

CityVille - Waterfront Condos

Obtained a cool new building today - the Waterfront Condos. Building reward from completing the last Cruise Ship mission. Side note: 9 more bandits to unlock Police Station level 5, and 6 more levels to unlock Glass Condos. Go go go!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some elements of good game design

Been playing Zynga's CityVille recently. Some interesting points to note down for games with multiplayer elements, meaning games which allow you to play with or against other players.

1. People like competition. Competitive ladders like those which exist on Starcraft 2's allow people to see how they rank compared to other players.

2. People like to show off. Allow people to show off their in-game achievements to others in the form of in-game rewards, eg. portraits in SC2, new buildings in CityVille.

3. People like to interact, socialize. Chat system, a messaging interface. Ways to organize and play in teams, eg. Chat channels in SC2's, messaging/notification feature in Cafe World, CityVille, trade channel in World of Warcraft.

4. Reward system for achieving game-design goals and encouraging good social behaviour, eg. Zynga's RewardVille encourages players to play Zynga games to unlock in-game rewards.

5. Quest system which introduces game objectives/features and rewards the player for achieving these objectives.. This could take the form of an unfolding story eg. in Cafe World the player is encouraged to serve coffee and unlock more coffee recipes in order to view the story between Espresso Joe and Lisa Latte. Another way this could be done is to allow the player to unlock game features via completing quests. This ties into point 4 above.

That's all I can think of for now =)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

SC2 - Goblin Marine and Worgen Marine

High time I uploaded these cool portraits for Starcraft 2. The Goblin Marine and Worgen Marine are unlocked when you purchase the Collector's Edition of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion. Enjoy!

SC2 Season 1 Milestones

As taken from the US SC2 forums:

Milestones are seasonal rewards that will be provided to ladder players in all of our StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty leagues. Each league will have four notable milestones. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master leagues will have milestones for the top 100, top 50, top 25, and top 8 players in each league division. For Grandmaster, milestones will be awarded to the top 200, top 100, top 50, and top 16 players. These milestones will each have their own unique icon (shown below) representing the league in which the milestone was earned and the actual milestone achievement.

When patch 1.3 is released, all players will be locked into their current league and division. You'll then be given one week to play out your remaining bonus pools (while promotions and demotions into and out of divisions will be disabled, you may still be able to move up or down within that division's ladder). Once the one-week "bonus pool" period is over, Season 1 will officially end and all ladder rankings will be finalized. Milestones will be awarded to the top players in each league division shortly after and we'll display the results in-game in the Leagues & Ladders section. This same process is expected to take place at the end of each season. (In a future patch, we also plan to add a dedicated page in the game UI that will save past performance history so that players can show-off all of their milestone achievements.)

Screenshots for the milestones are below.

SC2 Patch 1.3 and Ladder Lock

Starcraft 2 ladders will be locked from this Tuesday till next Tuesday, which will be the official start of season 2. Patch 1.3 came out on Tuesday and with it the new interface improvements, like new league icons to indicate division rank. I especially like the new Leagues and Ladders section of the UI. Screenshot below. Nice large league icons at the top left of each league standing box. Great work by Blizzard's art team!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SC2 - 2650 Achievement points!

Like Drew Carey (from Whose Line Is It Anyway) said, 'The points don't matter', but its fun to collect anyway! Haha.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A quote from Dune (by Frank Herbert)

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. - Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear