Saturday, November 6, 2010

List of Collective Nouns for SC2


A harvest of SCVs
A labor of MULEs
A platoon of Marines
A mass of Marauders
A hop of Reapers
An academy of Ghosts
A roast of Hellions
A battalion of Siege Tanks
A hammer of Thors
A squadron of Vikings (in flight)
A pillage of Vikings (on ground)
A flight of Medivacs
A rave of Ravens
A mount of Auto-Turrets
An impasse of Point Defense Drones
A heat of Seeker Missiles
A strike of Banshees
A fleet of Battlecruisers


A warp of Probes
A legion of Zealots
A blink of Stalkers
A cast of Sentries
An omniscient of Observers
A pantheon of Immortals
An abscond of Warp Prisms
An invasion of Colossi
A crest of Phoenixes
A prism of Void Rays
A storm of High Templar
A shadow of Dark Templar
A sacrifice of Archons
An arrival of Carriers
A lemniscate of Interceptors
A meeting of Motherships


A wiggle of Larvae
A morph of Drones
A grumble of Overlords
A cuddle of Zerglings
A monarch of Queens
A spit of Hydralisks
A burst of Banelings
A watch of Overseers
A glob of Changelings
An intrusion of Roaches
A pit of Infestors
A horde of Infested Terrans
A murder of Mutalisks
A trample of Ultralisks
A tendril of Corruptors
A hive of Brood Lords
A spawn of Broodlings

Feedback is appreciated!
(yes this was inspired by the gaggle of Mutas thread)

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