Friday, November 26, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Archilon Shadowheart

Took a couple of photos of my favourite WoW action figure: Archilon Shadowheart. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some very interesting articles from

Playing to Win

Analyzing Starcraft 2's Ranking System

Entries in UC Berkeley's StarCraft Class

Using genetic algorithms to find Starcraft 2 build orders

Thursday, November 11, 2010

From Bronze to Diamond in 101 Days

An interesting read taken from the US forums:

Starcraft 2 Murloc Marine!

Redeemed this bad boy from my Blizzcon 2010 virtual ticket purchase =)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

List of Collective Nouns for SC2


A harvest of SCVs
A labor of MULEs
A platoon of Marines
A mass of Marauders
A hop of Reapers
An academy of Ghosts
A roast of Hellions
A battalion of Siege Tanks
A hammer of Thors
A squadron of Vikings (in flight)
A pillage of Vikings (on ground)
A flight of Medivacs
A rave of Ravens
A mount of Auto-Turrets
An impasse of Point Defense Drones
A heat of Seeker Missiles
A strike of Banshees
A fleet of Battlecruisers


A warp of Probes
A legion of Zealots
A blink of Stalkers
A cast of Sentries
An omniscient of Observers
A pantheon of Immortals
An abscond of Warp Prisms
An invasion of Colossi
A crest of Phoenixes
A prism of Void Rays
A storm of High Templar
A shadow of Dark Templar
A sacrifice of Archons
An arrival of Carriers
A lemniscate of Interceptors
A meeting of Motherships


A wiggle of Larvae
A morph of Drones
A grumble of Overlords
A cuddle of Zerglings
A monarch of Queens
A spit of Hydralisks
A burst of Banelings
A watch of Overseers
A glob of Changelings
An intrusion of Roaches
A pit of Infestors
A horde of Infested Terrans
A murder of Mutalisks
A trample of Ultralisks
A tendril of Corruptors
A hive of Brood Lords
A spawn of Broodlings

Feedback is appreciated!
(yes this was inspired by the gaggle of Mutas thread)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whats in store for Starcraft 2 - Season 2

As taken from the US Battle.Net SC2 forums.

StarCraft II Secrets of the Masters

Season 2 is coming, and it will bring with it a ladder wipe, but at the same time, each player's profile will be upgraded with new UI elements, including awesome new artwork which denotes a player's rank within their division, as well as a record of performance in prior seasons, improved detail pages that are more colorful and rewarding for top players, featured replays, and many more. Matchmaking rating will be preserved, so a single placement match will be all that it takes to find your place on the ladder once again. On top of all these new features, two new leagues will be introduced to highlight the top players in each region: the Master League, which places roughly the top 5% of Diamond players in their own league, and the Grandmaster League, a very special, elite league which is comprised of the top 200 players in each gameplay region, which will be visible to other players