Thursday, October 14, 2010

True wealth

Time for an idealistic rant, hehe =)

How do I define true wealth?

I think of true wealth as having the means, the potential, to generate wealth. Everyone has the potential to generate wealth. No one is born truly poor. Even physically disabled people find ways to overcome their disabilities in one way or another. True wealth lies in you yourself, the physical and intangible assets most of us are born with, which is a healthy body and mind.

3 cornerstones of wealth:

1. Your health. Remember: "Health is wealth"
A sickly person who has to pay for medication day in and day out is a poor person.

2. A good education
A formal education gives you the tools which you need to provide services for others.

3. Your IQ/EQ/streetsmarts
Your natural intelligence and streetsmarts will enable you to capitalize on opportunities and create sources of income.

With these 3 building blocks, no one will be truly poor. You will have the means to survive in the world.

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