Sunday, August 15, 2010

Diary of a Zergling

Day 1
I just got spawned! There was another guy in my egg, though. Not too sure what to think about that. The creep looks pretty cool, I guess. My job is mostly running around the base. Nothing too awesome going on.

Day 2
A whole mess of Zerglings just got spawned recently. Met up with a whole platoon of them. There were so many I couldn't even remember all their names. Most of them are pretty cool, but some are suspicious as to what our purpose is going to be.

Day 3
The queen sent Zergling #21 to a 'watchtower'. Not entirely sure what his job is. According to other people, he just has to stand there all day. Sounds like he got the easy job!

Day 3.5
Zergling #21's corpse was found about 3 minutes after being deployed. He had 5 Gauss Rifle bullets in his chest.

The queen sent Zerglings #22-24 to go to the watchtower.

Day 4
There was much lament for Zergling #21. Some of my friends are saying that we're all in a suicide mission. I think they're wrong. We're soldiers, not expendable beasts.

Day 6
Day 5 was too hectic...there were six more funerals today. The queen declared she wanted some 'scouting information' and that they served their purpose. More skeptics are arising amongst us. Some zerglings are speaking of a revolt.

Day 7
We all got our wings today! Everyone's suspicions of a tyranny are being quelled by the minute. All the zerglings are much more pleased to be moving so much faster.

Day 8
Our entire army has recently received orders to rush into the enemies' base. Our primary objective is to attack SCVs and run around in circles behind other zerglings attacking SCVs.

Day 11
There was a wall.

There was a god damn wall.

We couldn't break through. No matter how many chewed at the supply depot, we couldn't get through the damned thing. We were forced to retreat, losing 7 more soldiers to a small marine force piled behind the depots. The queen had no comment on this matter. The standard funeral is now being postponed by the swarm for 'important measures'.

Day 15
Mutalisks have begun to be trained at the hatchery. Our queen says they will solve the problem that the wall is causing. I can only hope at this point. I've seen too much.

Day 16
We've gotten recent orders to back up the mutalisk force in our impending attack. Our main goal is still hazy to me, as the mutalisks should be doing most of the work...

Day 21
I've lost all faith in the swarm.

Have you ever seen the bits of your comrades fly past you by a single shot of a Crucio Shock Cannon? Have you ever been so close to the heat of an Hellion that it takes you a minute to realize that your best friend is burning alive? I was hearing every tendon snapping and sinew ripping of my fellow Zerglings. The distorted looks on their faces as they realize they've been hit directly in the skull by a sniper round.

I barely escaped. I should be dead; just like the rest of my platoon. It was only me and 6 others that got away. Over 38 died.

We weren't an army. We were a distraction. The mutalisks were in on it, too. They took out probably 10, maybe 20 SCVs. But how many soldiers was it worth? How much do we have to sacrifice to win this war?!

Day 23
We can see the Terran forces coming over the horizon. They are armed with 2 of those infernal tanks and 4 gigantic mechanical monstrosities I've never seen before. I can taste my death.

Day 34
The Terran are toying with us. The tanks lie just outside of our homeland supported by rotating missile turrets in every which way. We are being contained. Our supplies are running low, we will be out of minerals soon.

Day 47
We have lost all of our resources. An army of Hydralisks and Mutalisks stand before me and my 6 Zergling companions. Our final attack is near.

Day 48
The queen has ordered me to 'test the front'. Alone.

Diary of a Siege Tank

Day 48

Spilled some coffee on myself during an attack. My life sucks.

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