Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some FrontierVille Tips

1. Get lots of Oxen. The Ox collection gives a permanent +1 max energy to your bar. They have an 18 hour collection timer too. Very worth it.
2. Grow lots of wheat. The Wheat collection gives an animal ready boost, which can be used to collect an extra cycle from your Oxen. Use your animal ready boost after you've just harvested your Oxen to get the most benefit from the reset timer.
3. Grow lots of Peanuts. The Peanut collection also gives a permanent +1 max energy to your bar. Can be harvested every 4 days though. Have your friends come and tend to your Peanut crops, which speeds up crop growth by 10 hours for each friend's tending.
4. Buy horses. Each horse costs 4 horseshoes and 10k gold. But they give 10 energy every 2 plus days. Very very nice.
5. Forget point 3. Peanuts take too damn long to grow. Focus on points 1 and 2 instead.

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